Google launches handwriting app in 82 languages for Android devices

Woman using Android phone

Google has launched a handwriting app for Android phones which will work in 82 languages.

It lets users write text on their mobile or tablet as an extra input method for any Android app.

The Google app works in 20 different scripts and you can write on your screen using your finger or a stylus.

Users will also be able to draw emojis by pressing their enter button to switch modes, and it'll work with or without an internet connection.

The handwriting app is available in the Play Store with Google saying it complements touchscreen typing and voice input.

It'll work on Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and above.

Google Handwriting app

Google says: "Google Handwriting Input supports languages that can be challenging to type on a virtual keyboard.

"Keyboards for ideographic languages (such as Chinese) are often based on a particular dialect of the language, but if a user does not know that dialect, they may be hard to use.

"Additionally, keyboards for complex script languages (like many South Asian languages) are less standardized and may be unfamiliar.

"Even for languages where virtual keyboards are more widely used (like English or Spanish), some users find that handwriting is more intuitive, faster, and generally more comfortable."

Google Handwriting app
Google Handwriting app
Google Handwriting app

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