#ThisDoesntMeanYes campaign on sexual consent

This does not mean yes campaign photo

Consent and exactly what means "yes" has been the subject of loads of debate so far this year.

Now a group of women have teamed up with a world-famous fashion photographer to take pictures of 200 women, in order to show that how you look - or behave - is not an invitation.

The campaign, This Does Not Mean Yes, is inviting people to share their photos on Instagram.

The brains behind the scheme, Nathalie Gordon, Lydia Pang, Abigail Bergstrom and Karlie McCulloch, teamed up with photographer Perou for the piece, which shot the women in their normal clothes and make-up at an open casting in Shoreditch, east London.

The campaign has been launched in conjunction with Rape Crisis, a charity which promotes awareness of, and supports victims of, sexual violence.

And the message is simple: Whatever you're wearing - and whatever you're doing - is up to you. It is not an invitation to anyone else.

This Doesn't Mean Yes campaign

Speaking to The Evening Standard, Nathalie Gordon said: "In our work we are all constantly surrounded by campaigns and images for women that have the wrong messages, that are scaring women. We really want women to feel good about themselves rather than feel blamed."

Lydia Pang said: "This is about awareness and re-framing the situation. It's to highlight the charity and the work that they do.

"It's also a response to the sort of messages that have been out there, especially in the last year, which have been about victimising women, blaming women and exposing this subject in the wrong way."

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