Intern causes havoc with April Fool

The text from Tim
Image caption Interns text message causes havoc

Not every April Fools' catches you out hook-line-and-sinker, but a prospective MP's office in Oxfordshire went into meltdown after a text from an intern.

23-year-old Tim Reynard had been working at the local Liberal Democrat office for three weeks.

He then told them he was actually working for the rival Tory Party.

Staff immediately went into panic mode... until he was eventually found hiding in a cupboard.

Not before they'd deleted his access to their database, Facebook and all other sensitive information.

With just over a month until the General Election, there's a lot of sensitive information floating around any political office.

So when Tim texted the Liberal Democrat organiser for the constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon, 27-year-old Will Griffiths, to say he had defected to the Conservative Party, Will panicked.

Will and Tim together
Image caption Will and Tim are friends again now

Tim, who used to work for Odeon, said he'd jumped ship to "compare parties" and was due back at Tory candidate Nicola Blackwood's office.

In a cold sweat, Will rang his boss, who told him he better get into work as soon as he could.

By the time Will turned up 20 minutes later, everyone else in the office was in on the joke, so they all got busy checking nothing had been stolen and looking online to see if Tim had been forwarding Liberal Democrat emails to the Conservatives.

Anger and shock

Will was looking quite shaken when his boss pulled him aside for "a word" - that's when Tim jumped out and asked: "What day is it today Will?"

Tim told Newsbeat he had the idea for the prank whilst having his breakfast in the morning, but he didn't think Will would believe it. When he did fall for it though, they all decided to string it out for as long as they could.

Tim said Will's face was a picture when the truth hit him: "At first it was relief then it was a mix of anger and shock."

He took it well though, and they both had a laugh.

Encouraged by how well it went this year, Tim told us he's "got lots of tricks up his sleeve" for next year... so Will, you might want to put the date in your diary now.

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