Stephen Fry is deleting his Instagram account after being 'hounded off'


Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry says he's deleting his Instagram account telling his followers he was "hounded off".

The TV presenter and actor, who has 92,000 followers on the picture-sharing website but nine million on Twitter, said: "Newspapers, as ever, suck all the joy out of everything.

"Closing down. It was, briefly, fun. Bye."

He posted a blank, black picture to the page which also included the line "Hounded off. Goodbye".

Stephen Fry's final message on Instagram

It's not the first time Fry has closed down one of his social media accounts.

Last November, he said he had to stop using his Twitter account because it wasn't safe.

In 2009, he threatened to leave the site because there was "too much aggression and unkindness around".

Fry recently used his Twitter account to reveal he'd married his partner Elliott Spencer.

Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer

He posted a picture for his millions of followers showing him and the 27-year-old signing a marriage register.

With the picture Fry tweeted: "Gosh. @ElliottGSpencer and I go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one. Amazing."

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