Instagram period photo: Woman who took it says she wasn't being 'provocative'

Rupi Kaur

A woman who posted a photo showing her clothes and bed after her period on Instagram says she wasn't doing it to be purposely provocative.

The site removed the photo twice before Rupi Kaur, from Toronto, challenged them.

In the end, Instagram agreed that she hadn't broken their guidelines and apologised.

The picture was part of an art project in which she wanted to break what she called "taboos" around menstruation.

Speaking to Newsbeat from her home in Canada, Rupi said: "When I see the picture it looks completely beautiful to my eyes.

"I wasn't being provocative. The point of the photo was to de-mystify all the taboos that are around menstruation.

"When I initially put it up I knew there would be some controversy and some hate comments and then it would go away. Never in a million years did I expect it to be on every major headline everywhere."

The story of the photo was subsequently picked up by the global media.

Instagram sent Rupi a message saying the content breached their community guidelines but she challenged that decision.

They eventually sent her another message, which she shared on her Tumblr page, where the firm said someone had "accidentally removed" the post and apologised.

Whilst Instagram received criticism for the initial decision, Rupi also received a barrage of negative comments over the photo.

Rupi Kaur

"There's hate from strangers. I understand that and I've developed a thick skin. But when it comes from your friends, people who stood by you... that shocks, especially from women.

"It was interesting the way people were belittling the experience and the struggle of the period.

"You won't go on vacation because of your period, you change your wedding date, it goes everywhere with you and you are in so much pain. Women are hospitalised."

Rupi Kaur

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