Car claiming to be 'teen-proof' comes with parents spy option


Parents who worry about handing over their car keys will be able to spy on their teenager's road skills and even set a speed limit soon.

Chevrolet has developed a mode called Teen Driver, which can keep young drivers safe on the road.

The feature, available in the new 2016 Chevy Malibu, does things like mute the radio if the driver's not wearing a seat belt.

A key fob can also be used to set a speed limit between 40 and 75mph.

If they go over that, visual and audible warnings will be triggered to tell the driver to slow down.

Image caption Parents can select a maximum speed between 40 and 75mph and set the radio volume

The feature also allows parents to see a report of the total distance driven, maximum speed travelled, how many speed warnings were issued or if there were any driver road skids.

Parents can also make sure traction controls stay set and lights are not left on during the day.

Chevy and other car manufacturers already offer a valet mode on cars, which limits how the car is driven and uses an onboard camera and data recorders to prevent abuse.

The new system has been criticised for not doing anything to stop drivers from using devices like mobile phones.

The 2016 Chevy Malibu will be unveiled at the New York car show next month.

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