Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear: Anatomy of the fracas

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson's contract with the BBC will not be renewed after his physical assault on a Top Gear producer.

In a statement from BBC Director General Tony Hall we've learned exactly what took place on that night in a North Yorkshire hotel.

A report has been published with blow-by-blow details of what happened in the now infamous "fracas" between Mr Clarkson and one his producers, Oisin Tymon.

This is what we know.

  • On 4 March following a day of filming for Top Gear "the presenters had travelled that same evening to the location shoot in North Yorkshire".
  • The "fracas" took place on the patio of the Simonstone Hall Hotel, where Oisin Tymon was working on location.
  • The physical attack lasted around 30 seconds and was only halted by the intervention of a witness.
  • Mr Tymon did not retaliate.
  • The verbal abuse was directed at Mr Tymon more than once - both during the attack and subsequently inside the hotel.
  • The abuse contained the strongest expletives and threats to sack him.
  • The abuse was at such volume it could be heard in the dining room and the shouting was audible in a hotel bedroom.
  • Following the attack it is understood Mr Tymon drove to a nearby hospital for examination, with swelling and bleeding to the lip.
  • Over the following days, Jeremy Clarkson made a number of attempts to apologise to Mr Tymon in texts, email and in person.
  • Jeremy Clarkson reported the incident to BBC management.

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