Marvel's female Thor comic book outsells the male version

Female Thor

The female comic book version of Thor is now outselling the original male title.

When Marvel introduced the newly rebooted series last October, some fans were bothered that Thor was re-invented as a woman.

But now sales figures issued by ComiChron show the new character outselling the older, male Thor comics.

The first four female books sold close to 20,000 copies, more than the last four Thor issues in 2012.

Image caption Sales figures show female Thor outselling older, male Thor comics

The sales show the female edition of the Norse God sixth in the list with circulation reaching more than 93,000 copies.

Amazing Spider Man #9, All New Captain America #1 and Batman take the top three spots.

The audience breakdown is not available, so there is no way to know if the new Thor is bringing in more female readers.

Sales graph

The new Thor also premiered with high numbers compared to the premiere of Thor: God of Thunder, selling 150,862 copies in October 2014 to Thor's 65,513 in November 2012.

Thor #8 is due for release in May, with writers promising that the female Thor's identity will be revealed.

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