Orange Wednesdays replaced by Meerkat Movies in cinema deal

Meerkat Movies logo

The popular two-for-one cinema deal that Orange offered every Wednesday will be sponsored by Compare the Market and be named Meerkat Movies.

Since 2003, the film deal has meant cheaper first dates or seeing the latest blockbuster with your mates for less.

Under a new name, the same offer will be back from 7 April and it will be available on Tuesdays too.

Cinema-goers will have to be Compare the Market customers to use the deal.

The offer lasts for a year and is in partnership with Cinema First.

Cinema audience looking at a big screen

The deal will be available from 7 April via a code on the Meerkat Movies app.

It can be given away to friends or family as you could with Orange Wednesdays.

Chief Executive of Cinema First, Phil Clapp, told Newsbeat: "This is the biggest promotion that cinema has ever seen.

"People look for value and we are very hopeful this exciting new promotion will offer a significant incentive to people who otherwise wouldn't go to the cinema.

"Orange Wednesdays was hugely popular but this offers extra flexibility with a choice of two days rather than one."

Cinema audience

Karen Stacey, CEO at Digital Cinema Media (DCM), said: "It's an extremely exciting time to be in cinema.

"The medium is more flexible and targeted than ever and is experiencing huge growth and innovation, with admissions expected to cross the 170m mark in 2015, the highest number in years.

"Comparethemarket has recognised the power of the big screen and their huge commitment is testament to the strength of our compatible audiences, which are early-adopting, socially connected and first in the queue when a new film is released.

"We're really looking forward to working closely together to shape the growth of the industry."

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