Why these musicians and artists will miss Zane Lowe on Radio 1

Zane Lowe and other musicians

Kasabian, Chvrches, Slaves, Big Sean and Jake Bugg are all a bit gutted about this man leaving Radio 1.

Zane Lowe is giving up his evening show after nearly 12 years and heading to Los Angeles to work for Apple in a role which is so far unknown.

Newsbeat has spoken to some of the bands who got their first play through Zane.

From the "ignition in his head" to his domination of indie and rock music, here's what they said.

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"He'll be sorely missed, I've never met anyone more enthusiastic," Serge from Kasabian tells Newsbeat.

"He cares and he knows more about tunes and music and especially about new artists than anyone.

"He turned me onto things I would have never listened to and he would be there at the front and always supportive, that is the thing about Zane.

"He is like positive, positive, positive and that energy will be massively missed but God bless him and good luck to him."



"I was sad about it because he is such an institution," says Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches.

"The first time I did a phone interview with Zane Lowe, I was really worried and very nervous because I remembered leaving school early when I was younger so I could get home in time to see him interview Queens of The Stone Age.

"But never tell him that because it is embarrassing.

"He has been really supportive of the band and I think it will be sad for the UK music scene but maybe it will be good news for Apple iTunes streaming - that's what my bet's on."



"For us, I feel like he is the John Peel of our time," Laurie Vincent from Slaves tells Newsbeat.

"We used to do band practice and then I'd drive home listening to Radio 1 and be annoyed that we weren't being played by Zane Lowe.

"So getting played by Zane Lowe was my first goal with radio.

"Gutted, sad news but I am glad he is not just sticking with what he is doing, I think moving on and reinventing yourself is an important part of life."

The Maccabees

The Maccabees

"The thing I found about Zane when we first met him is that he genuinely is as enthusiastic as he comes across on the radio," Felix from The Maccabees says.

"He genuinely does hold that much information and I thought that was a really heart warming thing about Zane, from getting to know him.

"Zane is a really wonderful person."

Big Sean

Big Sean

"I think Zane is incredible," Big Sean tells Newsbeat.

"He is one of those voices that so many people are familiar with. I feel like he brought out the best in people which made for the best interviews.

"I personally have never interviewed with him, maybe I met him once but you feel like you know him just because of his personality, how he is

"Some of his interviews are and probably will be some of my favourite interviews of all time, so shout out to Zane and congratulations on a new chapter, you dominated this so congrats."



Peace are another band who got early support from Zane.

"Over the past two years I've kind of kept in touch with him via email, I've sent him tracks that we've been working on," frontman Harry Koisser says.

"It's really enjoyable to listen to someone talk about any band, especially your band, where you can tell when he likes something.

"There's this ignition in his head and he suddenly becomes really passionate.

"I sent him an email to say thanks for everything while I've got a chance to say it, best of luck in the future.

He has a genuine music nerd's passion
Frank Turner

"He emailed back straight away and was genuinely thankful.

"I just wish him the best of luck and whatever he does he is going to be himself and he is just going to bring that somewhere else.

"I think a big part of it is just the length and the quality of quantity he has given in the past and he takes risks as well."

Jake Bugg

Zane Lowe and Jake Bugg

"It's definitely a shame, he was a big supporter of my music from the very start, I do believe he gave Trouble Town its first play," Bugg says.

"He knows a lot about his music and he is certainly a character that I think is going to be missed.

"He created memories and now we get to create new ones in the future."

Frank Turner

Frank Turner in session for Zane Lowe

"I have nothing but good things to say about Zane Lowe," says Frank Turner.

"He helped out a Million Dead, he's helped me out, he has helped out countless bands.

"Something a friend of mine said about Zane Lowe ages ago which I think is very true, is he could have collected his pay check and done about a quarter of the work he actually did.

"He worked hard to find new music.

"I just love the way one week he would be interviewing Foo Fighters and the next some band you had never heard of and it was a genuine music nerd's passion."

Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine

"Zane was one of the main guys at Radio 1 who has his ear to the pulse and is able to play some of the newest stuff," Bipolar Sunshine tells Newsbeat.

"He ripped my first song off SoundCloud and started playing it so I hold high regard for him."

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