EastEnders is bringing in a transgender role

EastEnders title

EastEnders is going to introduce its first transgender character.

The show's executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins announced the change at the annual Student Pride event in London.

He says it's important to tell the story properly and to get the casting right, so he wants to find a trans actor to play the part.

It won't happen anytime soon though and admits that the writing process hasn't even started yet.

He says he needs to find the right actor and the right character first.

He said: "We try and do our research and get it all in our heads - the way we want to go because we want to tell it properly.

Roy and Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street

"Also I would want to cast a trans actor as well. You have to - you have to cast a trans actor, but you also don't want to mess up the story because EastEnders reaches so many people and a lot of our audience are quite traditional.

"The power of EastEnders is we can change the world a little. You can change it gently and influence people who would be maybe quite bigoted."

Coronation Street was the first British soap to bring in a a transgender character. Hayley Cropper first came to the cobbles in 1998.

Hollyoaks' Blessing Chambers is trans too.

Recently, E4's Banana had another TV first, with a transgender actor playing a transgender character.

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