Cumberbatch set to wed Sophie Hunter over Valentine's weekend

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

Who said romance is dead?

Benedict Cumberbatch looks set to marry his fiancee Sophie Hunter over the Valentine's weekend.

The couple are excepted to tie the knot in a private ceremony with family and close friends in the south of England.

They shunned the token celebrity Instagram post of an engagement ring to announce their engagement in a small notice in the Times newspaper back in November.

Sophie Hunter, 36, first met Cumberbatch, 38, when they appeared together in the 2009 film Burlesque Fairytales.

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The Sherlock star has been shortlisted for an Oscar for his role as mathematician and Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

Last month, he was beaten to the number one top spot of Glamour magazine's world's sexiest man poll by Mr Grey himself Jamie Dornan.

Jamie Dornan and Benedict Cumberbatch
Image caption Jamie Dornan finished ahead of Benedict Cumberbatch to top the poll

The announcement that Cumberbatch was officially off the market led to a few broken hearts on Twitter.

But fans soon moved on.

Shortly after the post on the Times' births, deaths and marriages page, attention turned to the man who came third on the poll - Thor and Avenger actor Tom Hiddleston.

Twitter reaction to the news

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