Things you didn't know about British Super Bowl parties


Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are expected to stay up late and watch the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

Many of them will be going along to one of the special parties being held in pubs, bars and clubs across the country.

University and local American football teams, cheerleading squads and hardcore fans are generally the hosts.

If you've never been to one then fear not, here's a guide to what you've been missing out on.


Vernon Kay DJ ng

In the last few years Vernon Kay has become a one of the faces that represents British NFL fans.

He presents an American Football show on TV and he plays for a team in London.

When he's not in the US covering the big game, he's been a regular at British Super Bowl parties and he's not the only one.

Vernon Kay playing American Football
Image caption Vernon Kay (left) playing for the London Warriors American Football team

One Direction's Harry Styles, Inbetweeners actor Blake Harrison and Radio 1's own Nick Grimshaw are some of the famous faces you might spot at the country's biggest party, Super Bash. Selfie sticks at the ready.

Check out your Twitter feed on Sunday night, you might well be surprised just how many musicians, actors and sports stars are following the game.

Half-time shows

Katy Perry
Image caption Katy Perry is performing the half-time show at this year's Super Bowl

Katy Perry might be getting a lot of attention for her performance at half-time on Sunday night.

But lots of party-goers in the UK will be watching a different show come the break.

Cheerleading squads have been preparing for weeks. Beat that, Perry.

Oversized jerseys

Fans at Super Bash

American Football fans often struggle with the MASSIVE jersey situation.

NFL kits are designed to go over the padding players must wear, so they tend to be a little loose if you're wearing one off the field.

Super Bowl party in London

So if you see lots of people wearing baggy tops it's probably not a 1990s fashion revival.

Strategic thinkers have started wearing youth-sized shirts to combat the overhang...


Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders
Image caption Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders will be performing at the Super Bash party in London

Surprise, surprise there are always lots of Americans at these parties.

More than 100 million people in the US will be watching the game and for those living in Britain, it's a chance to pretend you're at home.

Cheerleaders coming out on to the field in front of a crowd

Kansas City Chief's cheerleaders have flown into the UK to perform in London.

They told Newsbeat that the Super Bowl is important because it brings the "country together" and there is no other day that is just "reserved for sport, family and food".

They also say they're looking forward to performing in front of a British crowd and they expect them to be "just as spirited as US fans".

But there's normally at least one American at a British party that's not so enthusiastic.

Look out for them tucked away in the corner moaning about the lack of light beer, the number of British TV presenters and the disappointing corn dog distribution.

Hot dogs etc

Hot Dog

In fact you can't have a good Super Bowl event either side of the pond without the right food. And health freaks, you'd better look away now.

If stuffing your face full of hot dogs, burgers and nachos is your thing, proceed.

American Football is a long old game so it's essential you have enough greasy, sugary and salty sustenance to keep you going.

A late night

Super Bowl stadium
Image caption There's no expense spared for the entertainment before kick-off and for the Super Bowl half-time show

Kick-off in Pheonix on Sunday night is 23:30 GMT.

Your average game of American Football takes around three hours to play and that's without an extended half-time show.

So our intrepid British NFL fans are in for a late one.

The good news for them is that Sunday night's match-up is shaping up to be a belter, so there should be lots of exciting things happening on the pitch to keep them awake.

Failing that, get the cheerleaders to wake you up with a pom-pom applied forcefully to each bleary eye.

Happy Super Bowl!

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