Snapchat launches US superhero mini-series with fan input


Fancy being involved in a mini-movie on Snapchat?

US phone company AT&T is commissioning social media stars to create 12 episodes of a show it's calling SnapperHero.

According to various reports in America, it'll be loosely based around superheroes but will be more scripted reality than primetime TV.

Social media stars like Freddie Wong, Anna Akana and Harley Morenstein are being roped in for the project.

US entertainment website Variety says the YouTube, Vine and Snapchat celebrities will be asked for input from their fans, who'll decide where the stories go in terms of superpowers, costumes or their back story.

Snapchat stories

Billy Parks, the producer of the series, said: "A lot of it will be built on suggestions that are generated from the fans, and this is how we will build the audience for the show.

"We start by saying, 'Hey, we are going to make this, so what are your suggestions?' And we will show them how it's being made along the way."

Billy Parks was also behind US smartphone series @SummerBreak, which played out on Twitter, Tumblr and other social media outlets.

AT&T is paying for the SnapperHero. The social media firm will only host it and won't make any money from it.

Evan Spiegel
Image caption Evan Spiegel set up Snapchat with Reggie Brown and Robert Murphy in 2012

SnapperHero videos will be available for 24 hours and it's thought the project will run until March.

On Tuesday, the photo messaging company unveiled its new Discover service.

It'll allow media companies such as CNN, Vice, the Daily Mail and Yahoo! News to show off stories to Snapchat users which will update every 24 hours.

There was uproar though after the best friends feature disappeared, although Snapchat says it's coming back.

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