Coronation Street sacks actress who lied about her age


Katie Redford promo shot

Coronation Street has sacked the actress who was due to play Bethany Platt because she lied about her age.

Katie Redford was due to play the 14-year-old granddaughter of Gail McIntyre later this year.

Producers were led into believing the actress was 19-years-old. Her real age is 25.

A press release sent out by the ITV soap last week revealed Katie would take up the role in what she described as a "dream come true".

"It wasn't [Katie's] idea to audition as a 19-year-old," Katie's agent Joanne McLintock told Newsbeat.

"People in the industry do it regularly and she sort of went along with what we said.

Coronatrion Street sign

"I'm feeling really stressed and so sorry for Katie. It's her first real job and she's a star in the making - she's a very talented young actress.

"I had to have a conversation with casting who said they were very disappointed. Katie is upset but she understands."

Katie was unavailable for comment.

It's thought producers of Coronation Street already have someone else in mind for the role.

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