Batman drama Gotham will be back for a second series



American TV drama Gotham will be back for a second season.

TV network Fox has also announced there will be a second series of Empire and a third run of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Gotham, which stars Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue, is billed as a prequel to the Batman story.

It's based on the characters from DC Comics but, instead of focussing on Batman, it follows one young detective's rise through a corrupt city.

Tweet from official Gotham account announcing a second series

The "origins" series also explains how villains like the Penguin, the Riddler and the Joker came to be.

The first season of the drama - which also features English actor Sean Pertwee and Welsh actress Erin Richards - aired on Channel 5 in the UK.

Image from Gotham TV drama

Meanwhile Fox is also said to be in talks to bring back a TV classic, The X-Files.

The cult supernatural drama aired from 1993 to 2002 and starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

It's being reported that Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman says he's "hopeful" something will come from the talks.

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