The last Victorian died today, what made news on her birthday?


Ethel Lang

Britain's oldest person and last Victorian has died at the age of 114.

Ethel Lang was believed to be the last person living in the UK who was born in the reign of Queen Victoria.

Ethel Lang

Mrs Lang was born in the Worsbrough area of Barnsley on 27 May 1900 and lived in South Yorkshire all her life.

Newsbeat wasn't around then, but had it been, what would we have been reporting on Ethel's first day of life?

Student beats up policeman after patriotic bonfire bid

Student beat up policeman

An Oxford University student was found guilty of assaulting a policeman whilst celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday. Charles Wild was attempting to light a bonfire in the street, and became violent when a constable tried to prevent him. As Wild was being marched off to the station under arrest he asked the officer: "Will you accept a bribe?"

"Stop thief!" Nurse mugged in street

Man convicted of robbery archive

A 22-year-old man was found guilty of mugging a nurse and stealing her handbag containing nine shillings (45p). As James Dooley ran away with the cash, his victim shouted: "Stop thief!" He didn't.

Britain scored a victory fighting in the Boer war

Update on the Boer war
Image caption Update on the Boer war

British forces were battling local Boer fighters in South Africa for control of the country. Forces loyal to the British in the town of Mafeking were cut off and surrounded by Boer troops. The siege lasted 217 days. The man who founded the Scouts - Colonel Baden-Powell - was in charge of the British when the siege ended. He congratulated his soldiers by saying: "I said to you: 'Hold tight and shoot straight.'"

French woman throws dirty water over crowds in Jersey... starts riot

Rioting in Jersey

A French resident was accused of throwing "dirty water" over a crowd below her window in Jersey. The townspeople were celebrating the relief of Mafeking and felt that "French folk" were trying to provoke them. Angry and drunken disturbances followed. It was so serious the army had to be called in.

Animal lovers demand medics for war horses, Winston Churchill disagrees

Wounded horses copy

Winston Churchill - then a soldier and journalist in South Africa - wrote a letter to animal rights' activists saying wounded horses shouldn't be treated by vets on the battlefield. He said that horse doctors "would probably only end up by getting shot themselves".

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