What we learnt from Broadchurch series two premiere


Broadchurch series 2 cast

***SPOILER ALERT - If you don't want to find out about Broadchurch series 2, don't read any further***

So Twitter seemed pretty happy about the return of Broadchurch to ITV on Monday night.

There were a few major twists, new characters and we learnt more about detective Alec Hardy's past and the Sandbrook case.

Where will the remaining seven episodes go and what pointers did we get from the first episode of series two?

Here are 10 things we learnt.

1) The vicar is snogging the hotel manager

Rev Paul Coates (played by Arthur Darvill) and Becca Fisher (played by Simone McAullay)

Hotel manager Becca Fisher (played by Simone McAullay) is seen kissing Rev Paul Coates (played by Arthur Darvill) outside Wessex Crown Court after Joe Miller's appearance.

Mark Latimer admitted to having an affair with her in the first series.

How did that happen?

2) The vicar is secretly visiting the (alleged) murderer, Joe Miller

Rev Paul Coates (played by Arthur Darvill)

After appearing in court, Joe Miller tells Rev Paul Coates in prison: "Nobody's innocent. Everyone's hiding things."

What does he know?

3) DS Miller is now in uniform. And in Devon

DS Miller in uniform in Devon (played by Olivia Colman)

She doesn't like being in uniform in Devon though and is having counselling after her husband was arrested for the murder of Danny Latimer.

Oh and just to make it worse - Beth Latimer still blames her for her son's killing.

When did her own son decide he didn't want to live with her?

4) Tom Miller is playing a lot of Fifa with Mark Latimer

Tom Miller and Mark Latimer

After losing his own son, Mark turns up in Susan Wright's caravan next to the beach playing a football console game with Tom Miller.

What's going on there?

Susan (played by Pauline Quirke) has obviously disappeared with her dog Vince.

But where has she gone?

5) DS Miller's sister has changed her ways

Lucy Stevens (played by Tanya Franks)

In the first series DS Miller's sister Lucy Stevens bribes her into giving her £1,000 in return for evidence about Tom Latimer's murder.

She had her TV repossessed but now has custody of her nephew Tom.

She seemed like an all-round bad egg in series one.

Now, she has custody of her nephew Tom. How did that happen?

6) DI Hardy never gave up on the Sandbrook case

Eve Myles plays Claire Ripley

Turns out Di Hardy's been offering unofficial witness protection to the acquitted man's wife Claire Ripley, played by Eve Myles of Torchwood fame.

She's hiding from her husband, Lee (played by James D'Arcy), who DI Hardy accused of being responsible for the Sandbrook murders.

Alec Hardy reveals he moved to Broadchurch to keep her whereabouts a secret.

Lee Ripley (played by James D'Arcy)

Hardy also opens up about the case.

Turns out his wife, a detective on the case, had vital evidence (including that pendant) stolen from her car while she was having an affair with another man.

DI Hardy kept it silent to stop his teenage daughter finding out about her mother's infidelity.

Are we ever going to meet his daughter? And where is the Sandbrook murder plot going? What have bluebells got to do with anything?

7) Broadchurch is a Mecca for barristers

Jocelyn Knight (played by Charlotte Rampling) and Sharon Bishop (played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

We find out that Jocelyn Knight (played by Charlotte Rampling) will take on the Latimer murder case.

Handily she lives in Broadchurch but hasn't tried a case for three years.

But that's only after she sees that Sharon Bishop, who she used to work with, is defending alleged killer Joe Miller.

Danny Latimer's body being exhumed

Jocelyn Knight warns the Latimer family that she'll play dirty.

Her fears turn out to be true when Bishop orders another autopsy on Danny Latimer's body, meaning it has to be exhumed.

What will they find? What will the murder trial throw up?

8) DI Hardy hasn't got his heart sorted out

DI Hardy (Played by David Tennant)

He has an NHS letter titled "Your Procedure" and still can't drive after his heart scare from series one.

The top of his letter reads: "I am writing to you on behalf of South Wessex NHS Trust regarding your fast approaching procedure.

"I am pleased to confirm your test results came back positive so we are able to continue this process.

"As you are already aware this is a very important issue which we believe needs to be addressed now to stop the condition from getting worse."

What issue has he got apart from his heart condition?

9) Joe pleads not guilty to the murder of 11-year-old Danny Latimer

Joe Miller pleads not guilty to Danny Latimer's murder

The shock (or not?) of the first episode was Joe Miller pleading not guilty to Danny Latimer's murder.

The producers needed to extend the storyline past the first series, so maybe this was inevitable.

But what does he know?

10) There are nine characters who've also appeared in Doctor Who

Olivia Colman
Image caption Olivia Colman played Mother in 2010 Doctor Who episode The Eleventh Hour

There are some obvious ones here, like David Tennant (the 10th Doctor), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams - companion of Matt Smith) and Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood and appearances in the main show).

Jonathan Bailey
Image caption Jonathan Bailey, reporter Olly Stevens in Broadchurch, was in Doctor Who

You may not know that James D'Arcy (Michael in the Big Finish audio adventure Paradise 5), Carolyn Pickles (Lady Meera in Army of Death Big Finish audio adventure), Jonathan Bailey (Psi - cyber-augmented gamer who helped Peter Capaldi in Time Heist), Meera Syal (voiced audio story The Gemini Contagion and the audiobook release of the Borrowed Time novel) and Olivia Colman (she played Mother in 2010's The Eleventh Hour) have also all appeared in Doctor Who.

The judge in Joe Miller's trial, played by Daniel Hill, has also had a role in Doctor Who. He was Chris Parsons in Shada and was also on The Stuff of Nightmares audio story.

Matthew Gravelle (Joe Miller) played a Doctor in the Torchwood television story End of Days.

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