YouTube creates GIF maker for some videos with embed code


Kate Middleton

In the world of technology it is quite exciting news that YouTube has added a GIF maker to some of its videos.

If you don't know what a GIF is - it stands for Graphics Interchange Format - which is a bitmap image.

In terms of sharing videos, it means you can take out a little section of film, usually a funny bit, and make it play over and over again.

A recent example of one was when Kate Middleton was caught rolling her eyes on camera in New York.

GIF option on YouTube

When a GIF is created, YouTube has created a handy link to the picture and a code to embed it on websites.

The tool can be accessed by clicking the share button on a video, where you can adjust the parts of the video you'd like to appear in the GIF.

They can be a maximum of six seconds long and text can be added to the top and bottom.

The feature seems to be being rolled out on a video by video basis, and only some accounts, such as the PBS Idea Channel seem to have the option enabled.

Many of the internet's most popular videos, Gangnam Style included, don't yet have the option.

It's unclear whether it will be rolled out to all videos, or if users will get the option of adding the tool to videos themselves.

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