Asking where is the hashtag? Check out HashKey


The hashtag keyboard

It's a #socialmediaproblem.

You're poised at your computer, fingers hovering over the keyboard, wanting to send a witty tweet or post a selfie.

But wait, you're on an unfamiliar Apple Mac computer...

Where is the hash key?

You could post your update without a hashtag, but then how will others find and repost your amazing picture/joke/foodgram?

It's a dilemma.*

One post on crowdfunding site Kickstarter claims to have the solution.

Ben Gomori, who formerly worked in social media marketing, has created the HashKey, a dedicated one-key keyboard for your hashtag needs.

The hashtag

To type a hashtag on UK Macs, users have historically had to press Alt and 3 in order to # their posts, or copying and pasting the hash symbol from a different source.

An Apple UK wireless keyboard
Image caption A UK wireless keyboard

Gomori told Newsbeat: "It is a bit of fun but it is a genuine project and has a specific appeal for social media nerds like me. It's meant to celebrate the hashtag and the contribution it's made to communication both online and off.

"It's got an aesthetic pleasure and it's a nice thing to have on your desk as well as fun thing to give as a present."

Another wireless keyboard model on the website has a # clearly marked
Image caption Another wireless keyboard model on the website has a # clearly marked, as all do in the US

He hopes to make the keyboard wireless if he raises enough money.

So far he's made £1,616 of his £15,000 goal. He might be playing catch-up though, as new UK Macs come with a hash key painted above the three key on the keyboard.

It seems as social media establishes itself as a major part of our online lives, Apple has bowed to our need to hashtag.

That being said, a flooded marketplace hasn't stopped Kickstarters from being successful before. Most famously, an attempt to raise $10 (£6) for a potato salad ended up raising more than $58,000 (£37,000)

A screen grab of the potato salad on Kickstarter

Zach "Danger" Brown, who first posted the potato salad Kickstarter, used the money to throw a massive potato party and donated a large portion to charity.

Another quirky Kickstarter that proved popular was the "NoPhone", which was simply a piece of black, rectangular-shaped plastic billed as a new way of helping you manage your app addiction. It raised $18,316 (£11,698), more than three times its $5,000 (3193) goal.

A picture of the NoPhone

*Although an easy solution would involve Googling "how to type a hashtag on a Mac".

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