'Harassed' 108 times in 10 hours in New York


Comment in street: Hey baby

Winks, whistles, weird noises.

Just some of the reactions to 24-year-old Shoshana Roberts as she was filmed walking around New York city for 10 hours.

And since the video was posted, she's suffered rape threats and abuse online.

Wearing a plain T-shirt, jeans and trainers, she was "catcalled" 108 times, and it was all caught on a camera hidden on her male friend's backpack.

Watch the video on the Hollaback blog.

One man repeatedly asked: "You don't wanna talk? Because I'm ugly?".

Comment in street: Hey what's up girl?
Comment in street: God bless you mami
Comment in street: Smile

Some followed her for several minutes.

The footage was captured in August by Rob Bliss, who was inspired by his girlfriend after she got similar unwanted attention in the street.

Girl being followed down street by stranger for 2 minutes
Girl still being followed by same man for 5 minutes

The film's now being used by the campaign group Hollaback! which has highlighted the impact of what it calls "intimidating street harassment".

The organisation says that includes everything from verbal harassment to stalking, groping, indecent exposure and assault in public places.

In British law, harassment includes "repeated attempts at unwanted communications" and "contact" with a victim that's "likely to cause distress or fear".

Comment in street: Somebody's acknowledging you for being beautiful.
Comment in street: You should say thank you more

Shoshana said: '"This happens daily to so many people. We don't put up with harassment in school, at home, or at work, so why should we have to put up with it on the street?"

Comment in street: How you doing today
Comment in street: What's up beautiful have a nice day

The Hollaback! movement's been set up in 26 countries and 79 cities, including Birmingham, London and Edinburgh.

The organisation estimates between 70% and 90% of women are harassed while walking down the street at some point in their lives.

It claims it can discriminate in many ways including sexism, racism and homophobia.

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