Tesco cash machine mistakenly promises free erections


Cash machine error in Wales
Image caption Cash machine error in Wales

A cash machine outside Tesco Express in Aberystwyth has been promising customers "free erections" after a translation error.

Above the ATM at the new store in west Wales it said "codiad am ddim" which would translate colloquially as "free erections."

A more correct version would have been "codi arian heb dâl".

This literally means, "lift money without fee" as "codi" means lift, while "codiad" means erection.

Aberystwyth Councillor Ceredig Davies spotted it and put it on his Facebook page where it was shared hundreds of times.

He told Newsbeat: "I thought it was funny but I think they should have gone the extra mile and checked it out with a Welsh speaker.

"I mean as Welsh speakers we are used to blunders, but this one really takes the biscuit."

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: "We've taken the sign down and will replace it with the correct translation as soon as possible.

"Thanks to everyone who pointed out the mistake."

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