Sam Smith explains the Lady Gaga email which 'made her cry'


Sam Smith

It's not just his natural talent which has got Sam Smith where he is, apparently.

The singer feels his success is partly because of Lady Gaga, so he thought he'd send her an email to thank her.

At the start of his North American tour, the singer said he was overwhelmed when he realised she'd even heard of him.

He might not have predicted her reply either, in a tweet she shared with her 42 million followers.

Lady Gaga tweet

Speaking to 103.3 AMP Radio in Boston Smith remembered: "I wrote her an email basically just saying, 'I remember being a 17-year-old, queuing up for your concert, dreaming up doing this, and being in the music industry'.

"And the thing I admire the most about Lady Gaga was the hustle and what she did to get into the industry. And I just ran with it saying, 'Thank you for inspiring me to do this because the reason why I'm here now is partly because of you'."

Lady Gaga

In her reply the singer described him as "perfect" with the "voice of an angel", so it seems Sam Smith has made a friend on his tour already.

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