What have the last 24 hours been like in Ferguson?


Protestors marching and holding signs

Social media and news outlets around the world have been focusing on the small US town of Ferguson, Missouri.

For the last 10 days protestors have taken to the street, forming a demonstration against the killing of Michael Brown.

The unarmed black teenager was shot dead by a policeman.

Inquiries have been launched into what happened, but many of the demonstrators believe he was a victim of racism and police injustice.

These pictures show what life is like in the town at the moment.

Police point their guns

Police have been photographed pointing their weapons at protestors. Tear gas has been fired and 31 people were arrested last night. Police say two people have been shot, with the bullets coming from demonstrators' weapons.

Man with milk on his face

Milk is being used as an antidote to the tear gas being fired.

Molotov cocktail
Guns and bullets on a table

The St Louis Police Department tweeted pictures of guns and a Molotov Cocktail, which they say were seized from people on the streets of Ferguson.

People in a crowd wearing police tape around their heads

Not all the scenes on the streets of Ferguson have been violent. Nelly, who came to lend his support to the protest, attracted a peaceful crowd.

Nelly and Police Capt Ron Johnson

Police Capt Ron Johnson, who met with the musician, has asked the media not to "glamorise" violence and has called for people to protest during the day.

Crowds of people holding red roses
Protestors marching and holding signs

Many of the demonstrators carried flowers or signs to share their messages.

Protestor holding sign and law dictionary

The schools in the area are currently closed. Musician Trey Songz has called on people to make a donation to the local foodbank to help provide meals to children who rely on free school meals.

People clean up the street

People from the community have volunteered to clean-up the streets after the protests.

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