Ferguson: Pictures of the protests over police killing


Police pointing a gun at a women on the ground

Since the shooting of unarmed black teenager by police in Ferguson, Missouri, 10 days ago, the town has been the scene of angry protests.

President Barack Obama has said he understood the "passions and anger" provoked by the death of Michael Brown.

But despite his call for calm, there have been disturbances on the streets and US police say they arrested 31 people last night.

The demonstrators are calling for "justice" for Michael Brown.

They say the police officer who shot and killed him, Darren Wilson, should be arrested.

Person wearing a gas mask

There is an official FBI investigation into the killing, while the family of 18-year-old Mr Brown ordered an independent post-mortem, which they say shows he was shot six times.

Relatives of Mr Brown said the community has come together to support them in their time of need.

Tweet from John Legend reading: "Calling us 'animals' has been the language to justify slavery, Jim Crow and all manner of injustice. Dehumanization and racism go together."

Police and protestors have been facing-off - with authorities firing tear gas into crowds. The National Guard has also been brought in to support police.

Tension between the groups is high.

Police wearing gas masks and holding guns

Police Captain Ron Johnson said officers were forced to fire tear gas on Tuesday after they came under heavy gunfire and were attacked with petrol bombs and bottles.

"Anyone who has been at these protests understands that there is a dangerous dynamic in the night: it allows a small number of violent agitators to hide in the crowd and then attempt to create chaos," Capt Johnson said.

Tweet from Shonda Rhimes reading: "Wait. So now they are removing the press from the area? THEY ARE REMOVING THE WITNESSES?! #Ferguson

Meanwhile authorities have been accused of curtailing the freedom of the press, stopping reporters doing their jobs and in some cases arresting them.

Of the 21,205 people who live in Ferguson, 65% identify as black or black African. Black police officers in the area make up 6% of the force.

Nelly walking with protestors
Image caption Nelly has joined the protestors on the streets in Ferguson, although he tweeted that he disagreed with the looting

More than one in five people there live below the poverty line.

Shawn, a Ferguson resident, said, "These are our young black men that are being gunned down in the streets all over America."

Trey Songz
Image caption Trey Songz has posted a video asking for donations to a local foodbank to help disadvantaged kids in the area

There have also been reports of looting in the area.

Some people who spoke with the BBC said much of the protest had been peaceful.

Older man holding a sign that says "stop killing us"

"What they're not showing in a lot of the media is how diverse these groups of people coming out are and how welcoming everybody is," said Sarah from nearby University City, who spent a number of days in Ferguson.

"It's really wonderful to be in this community right now. There's so much love and support."

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