Taylor Swift announces new album with a brand new sound


Taylor Swift has announced the name of her new album - 1989 - during a live stream online.

The singer said the album, her fifth studio record, is heavily influenced by the sound of the 1980s and will be out in October.

The first single from the new album, which she dubbed her first "first documented, official pop album," will be called Shake it Off.

She said her goal was to create a sound unlike anything she had done before.

"I woke up everyday, while making this record, not wanting but needing to make a new style of music," she told a group of selected fans in the audience.

The 24-year-old also said she had something different for fans and explained she has three bonus tracks which are just voice memos on her phone.


"I'm doing something I've never done before with this deluxe. I've got a lot of questions about song writing, about the process, about, you know, what happens when you get an idea," she said.

"The answer is the first thing I do is I grab my phone and I either sit it on the edge of my piano or I put it right down on my bed in front of my guitar and I play whatever melody-slash-gibberish comes to my brain first."

The award-winning singer confessed she had never released the voice memos before, and added: "But I actually have three bonus tracks that are just voice memos from my phone.

"So you'll hear me singing, just an idea, and a melody and some words and then you'll be able to go the record and the album and you'll listen to what it ended up being when it was finished.

"So hopefully that will add some insight into song writing."

1989 Taylor Swift

Swift also announced the "the 1989 Swiftstakes", where she will be giving away 1000 tickets and 500 meet-and-greets for fans for her next tour.

Another surprise she revealed was that each physical copy will come with a packet of 13 photos, but the photos will be different from copy to copy.

Taylor is due to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday 24 August.

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