Clean Bandit want Alesha Dixon rap collaboration


Clean Bandit on stage

Clean Bandit would like to collaborate with Alesha Dixon on a future track, violinist Milan Neil Amin-Smith has told Newsbeat.

"We're all really big fans of her Mis-teeq days and so we're hoping to make that happen," he said.

"We used to like her raps so hopefully we'll get her to bring out her rapping."

The group doesn't have a regular vocalist and instead collaborate with a variety of singers.

Clean Bandit on stage

"It's something we talk about the most because if we don't find anyone to work with we won't be doing any more tracks unless they're instrumental I guess," said Amin-Smith.

"Obviously in a dream world we'd work with Beyonce but maybe that's punching a bit above our weight at this stage."

He added: "I think we'd like to do something with Woodkid on a wider collaborative scale but also people like Drake."

The violinist was speaking to Newsbeat at T in the Park festival, ahead of the group's performance on the Radio 1 Stage.

He said Clean Bandit were not feeling too much pressure after the success of their debut single, which sold more than one million copies in the UK alone.

Clean Bandit on stage

"I guess that we were really lucky in that we'd finished our album the week Rather Be came out so we didn't have the pressure of having to replicate that in the writing because it was what it was for better or worse," said Amin-Smith.

"As a result it feels more exciting that the success of Rather Be means more people listen to our album.

"Now we go to festivals and without fail everyone knows Rather Be but because of that we get a lot of people singing back the words to a lot of our other songs which for us is still quite new."

Saturday's show at T in the Park also saw performances from Calvin Harris, The 1975 and Ella Eyre.

This is the last year the festival will be held at the Balado site, near Kinross.

From 2015 the festival will take place at Strathallan Castle due to health and safety concerns about an oil pipeline at the current location.

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