In pictures: A crying shame for Brazilian football


Brazil fan holding replica world cup

Footballing passions don't run any higher than in Brazil, and on Tuesday night the World Cup hosts were in mourning as their side lost 7-1 in their semi-final against Germany.

It's all too much for this fan

Fans look on in disbelief as Germany score goal after goal.

Fans can't believe what's happening

It was all too much for some fans, as Germany scored five goals after only 29 minutes.

Anguish as the goals keep going in

The Germans scored four of those goals in just six minutes and as the goals poured in, the tears poured out.

Fans were watching all over Brazil

Brazilians soon realised their World Cup was over, and they'd been humiliated.

A fan realises it's all over.

Meanwhile, the German fans went wild as their team couldn't stop scoring.

German fans celebrate yet another goal

It was the most goals ever scored by one side in a World Cup Semi-Final.

German fans know they're in the World Cup final

Some Brazilians even started celebrating the German goals.

Brazil fans cheer Germany's seventh goal

Once the final whistle blew, some fans refused to leave the stadium.

A lonely fan stays behind

Out on the streets the party was over as Brazilians were left heartbroken.

The party is over

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