Vine introduces video Loop Counts based on user views


Vine app showing the new Loop Counts

Vine has introduced Loop Counts, a new way of recording and displaying how popular its videos are.

Vine videos automatically play over and over again and each one of these plays is called a loop.

Every time a video is looped, it adds a number on to a counter on the Vine.

The firm said: "The number, which you can see in our mobile apps and on, updates in real time, so as you watch a video, you'll know you're watching with others at the same time."

The update has been launched and is already available to users.

Arrow circling +1 Loop

Vine says that Loop Counts will not affect how Popular Now is organised on its site.

As the data on looping was only tracked from 3 April, any Vines made before that date may include a "+" by the counter, to recognise the fact earlier loops will not have been recorded.

Other changes included in the latest development include a redesign of the home screen on Android and iPhone apps.

There has also been a revamp to the Vine Activity feed.

"In addition to a new separation between New and Older Activity, you'll also see a notification when your Vines surpass milestones (eg 25 or 100 likes)," said Vine.

The video sharing app is owned by the social networking organisation Twitter. A Vine can last for no longer than six seconds.

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