The Fault in Our Stars Amsterdam bench goes missing


The lead characters of The Fault in Our Stars on a bench

An iconic bench from the hit teen film The Fault in Our Stars has gone missing from Amsterdam, a city spokesman has confirmed.

"It's a bit embarrassing, because we do keep good track of them, but it's gone all right," said Stephan van der Hoek.

In the film the two lead characters sit and kiss on the green bench and, before its disappearance, it became a tourist destination.

It also looks like hundreds of others around the Dutch city.

Flower pot on the bank of the canal

The absence of the bench was not picked up for at least a month with a large flower pot put on the spot instead.

The city says it plans to replace the bench within weeks, as long as a new one is in stock.

Van de Hoek said fans of the film had begun asking where the bench was.

Flower pot on the bank of the canal

He said that his best guess was that neighbours bought the flower pot, which often happens in Amsterdam.

He also said there were no marks on the ground, suggesting that the bench had been taken away intentionally.

"Keep your eyes on eBay," he joked.

The lead characters of The Fault in Our Stars in a restaurant

Much of the action in the film takes place in Amsterdam, with the Anne Frank House museum also playing host to key scenes.

Those were shot on a stage set, rather than on location.

Visitors to the museum can't enter the attic, where the stars also kiss.

"We do get visitors asking about the film," said spokeswoman Annemarie Bekker.

The Fault in Our Stars is based on the young adult novel of the same name by John Green.

It stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as two teenagers who have cancer and fall in love.

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