Stuff magazine 'losing cover models' to focus on tech


Stuff magazine front cover

Stuff magazine has announced that it will no longer feature female models in underwear on its front cover.

From August, the tech monthly will be "radically different" and says it will go model-free "for good".

"Technology has changed, society has changed, and Stuff's audience has changed," said editor Will Findlater.

He said the changes were being made after focus groups and trial covers showed the audience wanted covers to reflect what was inside the magazine.

Lads mags

In a statement on the Stuff website, he added: "I hope that in making this change we'll remove any barriers to reaching the whole of Stuff's potential audience.

"Technology is universal, but pictures of models aren't universally appealing."

The changes come after smaller sales for so-called "lads' mags" like Nuts, with campaigns calling for them to be removed from supermarket shelves.

The Co-op supermarket challenged the publication to put issues into "modesty bags".

Nuts refused and Co-op stopped selling it.

Magazines on Co-op's shelves

Readership of lads' mags has dropped by as much as 70% in recent years.

Groups such as No More Page 3 have been targeting publications such as the Sun, demanding that they stop publishing images of topless women.

They say the pictures are sexist and outdated and "mock and disrespect women".

Speaking about the changes to Stuff, No More Page 3 campaigner Lucy Holmes said: "They showed semi naked pictures of women in a magazine about gadgets, something that managed to brilliantly insult both men and women.

"Women by implying that they couldn't possibly be interested in gadgets and men by assuming they were incapable of getting through an entire magazine without seeing a woman's bare bottom or breasts."

She added: "It's great news that they've seen how society has moved on from the sexist lads' mags era of the 90s. Definitely progress!"

Oasis in front of the Loaded magazine logo
Image caption Oasis are on the front cover of the relaunched Loaded magazine in a Brit music retrospective edition

The changes come as Loaded magazine, famous for featuring "scantily-clad" women on its pages, publishes its own relaunched issue.

The cover features Oasis, while they have new columnists including Ricky Hatton and Peter Crouch.

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