Vet gives pet Jack Russell lethal injection by mistake


Jack Russell, Gunner

A family claim that their 14-year-old dog was put down "by mistake" after their vet gave it a lethal injection instead of antibiotics.

Nicholas Murphy, 22, says he took Jack Russell, Gunner, to have a persistent cough checked out at a veterinary practice in Worcester.

"We just want him back," said Nicholas.

"He was part of the family. I thought it was antibiotics [he was being given] but it was to put him down. There was no consent form and no permission."

Jack Russell, Gunner
Image caption Jack Russell Gunner, 14, was given the lethal injection by mistake

The 22-year-old said he couldn't believe he was forced to return home to his mother, brother and sister to tell them the news, when all he'd asked for was stronger cough pills.

I thought it was antibiotics but it was to put him down
Nicholas, 22
Gunner's owner

"Gunner had a bad cough so the vet gave him pills to control it but it wasn't working, so I took him back," said Nicholas.

"I was with him and the vet gave him an injection."

Nicholas says he was stunned when the vet asked him if he wanted to bury his pet at home.

"I was like, 'What are you on about?'

Nicholas Murphy knelt by Gunner's grave
Image caption Nicholas Murphy, 22 says his family is devastated by the loss of their dog

"He said he was very sorry but that mistakes do happen.

"I was so confused and upset. We had to bring him home and bury him."

Mr Murphy says he is in the process of sending a formal complaint about the incident to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

When approached for comment David Denny from DJB Denny Practice said that it was a terrible misunderstanding, that he was very sorry and that he wished to make no further comment.

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