Fashion graduate: I thought Lady Gaga work was a prank


Lady Gaga wearing Dayne Henderson's blue and pink stage costume

The 25-year-old British designer of some of Lady Gaga's stage outfits says he thought the commission was a "joke" when he first heard about it.

Dayne Henderson caught the eye of one of the singer's stylists after posting a message on Twitter.

"I sent the tweet around April Fools Day so when they got back in touch I thought, 'This has to be a joke.'

"It was just nuts. I don't think I believed it until I saw her wearing the gear," he said.

Dayne's work will be used on Lady Gaga's current Artpop Ball world tour, which arrives in the UK on 15 October.

"It was all custom hoods, some masks and head pieces. I think she got about three and the rest were for the dancers for the full show," he said.

The designer had about 12 days in which to produce the costumes.

"I did it, it wasn't easy but I did it," he said.

Dayne, who is from Newcastle, said he hasn't had any direct feedback from the singer about his designs but is happy with what the press has said about them.

"They've said it's one of her craziest outfits yet and that's great for me," he said.

Black and white costume

For the last couple of years, Dayne says he has focused on mastering how to use Latex, the material Gaga's outfits have been made from.

"The concept of it becoming a second skin I found quite appealing to want to work with and obviously it went on from there," he said.

Before working with Gaga, Dayne dropped out of university twice before graduating from the University of Sunderland in 2012 with a first-class degree in fashion product and promotion.

Designs for costumes

He said: "I was never your typical student. I didn't really fit in with all of the fashion types.

"Eventually I got led in the right direction and got on the right course and I think what you can take from it really is not give up.

"You've got to aim high and just go for it."

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