Tinder denies offering Ed Sheeran a verified account


Ed Sheeran

Tinder has denied offering Ed Sheeran the first verified account on its dating app.

Although it says it plans to go ahead with a blue tick scheme, similar to those on Facebook and Twitter, the singer is not one of the celebrities to be approached, a spokesperson said.

"We are only verifying 25 top celebrities to start," a statement said.

Sheeran has said that he finds the idea of verification "creepy".

In an interview, the musician said: "You're just using your celebrity status to hook up with chicks.

"I haven't got time to go on loads of dates," he told Total Access. "I want to do this, be on radio, and talk about music."


Tinder said the verification process would be for "celebrities to connect with their fans and share content", rather than for dating.

We are only verifying 25 top celebrities to start
Tinder statment

The smartphone app launched in 2012 and is free to download.

Users grant the app permission to access their Facebook account, from which Tinder obtains pictures and information about their interests.

People can then select other users they find attractive, or discard ones they don't.

Only when two users pick each other can they begin messaging one another.

Ed Sheeran

A number of celebrities have revealed that they have Tinder accounts.

However, most say they disguise themselves.

Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen have all said they have downloaded the app.

Sean Rad, Tinder's co-founder, said the app had created more than 150 marriages.

"Every day we get hundreds and thousands of emails telling us either [about] friendships made on Tinder or engagements, or long-term relationships being created," he said.

Last month members complained of being spammed by fake profiles that urged them to download a video game.

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