US Embassy says Nigella Lawson must apply for visa


Nigella Lawson

The US Embassy in the UK has told Newsbeat it is inviting celebrity chef Nigella Lawson to apply for a working visa.

It comes after claims Nigella was refused permission to board a flight to America last weekend.

A spokesperson said they believe there had been what they described as "a turnaround" when Nigella attempted to fly to the States.

They added: "There are several ways of legally travelling into the US."

The 54-year-old's management refused to comment on what had happened.

Newspapers reported an eye witness account that the star had been turned away from a flight at London's Heathrow to Los Angeles.

The Embassy would not confirm whether it was related to her recent UK court appearance, where she admitted that she had taken cocaine.

The presenter of Channel 4's The Taste, has been to the US since the court appearance to promote the US version of the programme.

The US embassy statement read: "There are several ways of legally travelling into the United States. Ms. Lawson has been invited to come to the Embassy and apply for a visa for travel to the U.S.

"We understand she has professional requirements for U.S. travel. These matters are generally handled routinely and expeditiously, so stand by."

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