Introducing... Tove Lo


Tove Lo

On first listen, Tove Lo sounds like her most recent relationship pushed her to her limit, put her through the wringer and spat her out the other side.

Lyrics include "How can you say I'll be alright? What makes you think I'll be fine?" and "Oh, baby, listen please. I'm not on drugs".

The 25-year-old from Stockholm doesn't deny that she has tonnes of emotion, anger and passion to force out.

"This is what I need to get out of me", she says. "It's all me. It's very personal. Let's see what happens when it all comes out. I hope people can relate.

"I'm ready for the world."

That emotional punch is spread across six tracks on the 25-year-old's debut EP, Truth Serum.

Tove Lo: The facts

    • From: Stockholm
    • What: Swedish electro pop
    • For fans of: Robyn, Lorde, Charlie XCX, Sia
    • Download: Truth Serum EP

One of her songs, Habits, tells of the hazy aftermath of a break-up and has already been picked up by several music blogs.

It's also caught the attention of artists as diverse as Marina & The Diamonds, Adam Lambert, Major Lazer and Lorde.

The New Zealander shouted her out on Twitter and the pair recently got to meet in the flesh.

"I was in a studio in London at the time and get this message from my friend saying 'Have you seen this?'. I didn't think it was real. I thought it was so charming what she wrote. She's someone I really admire."

The Hippie Sabotage remix of Habits has also been well received, getting as many hits on YouTube as the original version of the song.

Tove Lo

Following on from her fellow Swedes Robyn and Icona Pop, the 25 year old is the latest Scandi star looking for international chart fame.

The success of the Icona Pop girls, whose single I Love It topped the UK chart, is particularly sweet. Tove went to school with them and admits a night out with the pair can quickly escalate.

"I hope to have their success, they deserve all they get but I've not seen them in ages. They're on the Miley Cyrus tour at the moment so I'm waiting to get the full report."

She says she went to a "hippie school" in Stockholm where she was encouraged to play and make music. Early influences included Silverchair and Nirvana but it was Charlotte Gainsbourg's 2009 album IRM that had the biggest impact.

"For some reason, I heard that and thought I could do it." she says. "Since I was 16 I've been singing. The dream keeps getting bigger and I'm very happy right now."

Her talent for a clever lyric was also noticed by native Swede Max Martin who selected her to join his new song-writing team.

Arguably one of the most commercially successful songwriters ever, he's been responsible for hits by Britney Spears, Pink and Kelly Clarkson.

"He was keeping an eye on me and asked if I wanted to be part of his new writing staff. I said yes although we're only really getting started and settling in to a new studio."

For some that situation of giving away a potential hit may prove difficult but not for Tove.

"I know pretty quickly if it's my song".

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