Five-legged cow thought to bring luck on tour in India


Five-legged cow

A five-legged cow is being worshipped in India as people believe its extra limb can bring them good luck.

The animal's owner, Laxman Bhosale, said it "holds the essence of Hindu religion" and touching its fifth leg will help "fulfill all your wishes".

He has taken the four-year-old cow on tour, after it got much attention from Hindus visiting his home.

Hundreds of people have gone to look at the cow in Delhi, where Mr Bhosale is currently putting it on show.

Five-legged cow in tour shed

He said: "Cow is our holy animal. We call her our mother. With this extra limb, God is indicating to us that we must respect the animal and seek her blessings.

Cow's fifth leg

"Touching the limb of mother cow will bring good luck and help you fulfill all your wishes."

Followers believe the cow, whose fifth leg protrudes from its neck, is a manifestation of a Hindu deity.

Since starting the tour in July, Mr Bhosale, originally from Solapur, Maharastra, has been to six states and 15 major cities.

"People used to come to our house to see the cow. People used to come from far off districts to seek blessings," said Mr Bhosale, a cow shelter owner.

"I decided to set out on an all India tour with the cow so that people across the country can see this wonder and take her blessings," he added.

"The cow holds the essence of Hindu religion. I am only trying to further that cause."

Five-legged cow eating from a bucket

People who come to see the cow will pay their respects and in some cases, make a donation.

"I passed through the entire length and breadth of Maharastra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh," said Mr Bhosale.

"And everywhere, people welcome the mother cow and enjoy her blessing. Most people wanted to touch the cow's fifth leg."

Five-legged cow

He said his current stop in New Delhi, India's capital, is only temporary.

"I plan to take mother cow around the city for a few days.

"Then I will take her further down to Mata Vaishno Devi [a holy shrine] in Jammu and Kashmir," he added.

"I want all of humanity to benefit from the blessings of mother cow and her fifth leg."

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