Two Door Cinema Club are 'excited' for London O2 gig


Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club will play their biggest show to date at London's O2 Arena tonight (13 December).

They admit to being excited now about the gig but were apprehensive at first.

"The initial thought was, 'We don't want to do that, it's too big'," guitarist Sam Halliday told Newsbeat.

"We'll never sell it out and there'll be no one there so let's not do it."

However they were convinced by their team that their fans would show up.

"Then it was like all systems go, lets get a crazy show to go with it," Sam explained.

"Apparently you can't go stand there with a guitar and some amplifiers. It should be everything we've always wanted to do but never been allowed to."

The band admit are going all out for this gig.

"We're doing quite a few things we've never done before," bassist Kevin Baird explained.

"Even just having a video screen with our face on it, it's the first time we've done that ourselves, without it being a festival."

They also admit they've been to a couple of concerts there since the decision to play there was made.

Sam went to see Beyonce there but admits there isn't much they take from her performance.

"Not sure what you can take from that, nice dresses? confidence?" Sam laughed.

"I saw the Watch the Throne show," Kevin said.

"We're not arriving on platforms or anything. I think there is a danger of a Spinal Tap moment."

Two Door Cinema Club have also been announced as the first headiner for Latitude Festival in Suffolk in July 2014.

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