Your pictures: Tattoos you regret and would remove


Andrew tat

Some of the UK's top skin specialists say they are carrying out more laser tattoo removals than ever.

They say it means there has been a rise in people with burns and scars caused by untrained practitioners.

The British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) are calling for tighter regulation on who can buy and use lasers.

Newsbeat listeners have sent in pictures of tattoos they regret having.

Alfie tattoo
Image caption Alfie was quoted £750 to get this tattoo removed

Alfie says getting body art like his (above) can stop people getting work. He tweeted: "Offensive tattoos can prevent you getting a job! Quoted £750 to get this removed."

Ashley wants to get the tattoo removed from his forearm. It says: "You will only find pain living in the past."

Image caption Ashley sent us a picture of a tattoo he wants to get removed

Maggy sent in a picture of a key she had tattooed on her body. She said she doesn't want to get it finished or lasered off because it would be too painful. "Regret! Silly idea," she added.

Maggy tattoo of a key
Image caption Maggy doesn't want her tattoo finished or removed because it would be painful

Duncan from Worcester tweeted in a picture of how his laser removal went wrong. "Ouch isn't the word to describe the pain," he tweeted.

Recent statistics from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) suggest a third of people with tattoos regret them.

Laser removal gone wrong
Image caption One listener's "botched" laser tattoo removal

Martin Reid got in touch about his tattoo of a cross that he had updated in 2009 after it was started in 2005.

He said he was 17 when the first one was done and doesn't think he did enough research.

Martin Reid
Image caption Martin Reid got his tattoo updated after his first tattoo artist was "bad"

Ashley McGee wants his tattoo that says "What a crazy night. Maga 13" taken off after a holiday with friends.

Ashley McGee's tattoo
Image caption Ashley's tattoo says: "What a crazy night Maga 13"

Nathan also got his tattoo on holiday. He says it "seemed a good idea at the time after spending all day playing beer pong in Vegas".

Nathan's tattoo that says Vegas

Louise Webber is embarrassed by a tattoo she got when she was 18.

It says: "The hardest ones to love are the ones that need it most" and she's had 10 sessions of laser treatment to have it removed.

The tattoo cost her £30 and each removal session costs £120.

Louise has had 10 sessions of laser treatment to have her tattoo removed
Image caption Louise has had 10 sessions of laser treatment to have her tattoo removed

Jordan thought his "go hard or go home" tattoo on his bicep was a good idea at the time.

Jordan's tattoo on his bicep

This flower design on Laura's foot became swollen as soon as she got her first session of laser treatment.

The Department of Health says there are no plans for rules on lasers as tattoo removal doesn't "pose a significant risk to health".

Laura's flower tattoo became swollen after treatment

All these pictures were sent to Newsbeat's Twitter account using #tattooregret.

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