Author says Bridget Jones musical is ''very exciting''


Helen Fielding

Author Helen Fielding has been updating Newsbeat on the West End play of the musical of Bridget Jones.

The writer was talking to Newsbeat about the third instalment of Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy.

She also revealed that the West End production would use music from the two films, but will also have original music which has been written by Lily Allen.

No time frame has been given for when the production will start.

"Well it's very exciting. I think it's going to be great, the musical of Bridget Jones.

"Musicals are a lot more complicated than books, where you just sit down with your computer and write it.

"We've done three workshops, it's really exciting and there's been a lot of really good people involved."

But Helen says scheduling people to be around at the same time to get the project moving is proving difficult because everyone is so busy.

"But I really want it to happen, and I think it will, when it's ready and it will be great."

Lily Allen has written some fantastic songs... We're having new songs... and maybe a couple from the movies.
Helen Fielding
Bridget Jones author

Helen also said that Lily Allen had written some "fantastic songs" for the production already.

"Lily and her team, Greg Kurstin and Karon Poole and I've been a little bit involved too and everyone's been working together and there's some great songs.

"We're having new songs, you know we're not going for the ones, maybe a couple that were in the movies, but there's going to be sad moments."

Helen confirmed that there weren't any plans so far for a movie with Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy.

When asked whether Helen had read some of the reviews for the new book, she said she had: "Well I'm quite used to reviews on my writing.

"It actually started when I was at school when I got a school report saying Helen must learn not to use such flowery language.

Helen made the comments after unfavourable reviews appeared in some of the national newspapers. But she says she was happy to see some nice reviews too.

"I've had quite a few launches now and I always intend to stand like a great tree in the midst of it all and be unmoved by the different winds.

"But of course, I'm just like everyone else and so if I get a bad review I think, oh no I am actually that talentless fraud I always suspected I am.

"And then if I get a good one I'm completely puffed up and become unbearable."

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