Your view: Vote on tighter anti-tobacco rules in the EU



European MPs have voted to tighten tobacco regulations aimed at putting young people off smoking.

They backed a ban on menthol cigarettes and cigarette flavourings but with a five year delay.

Some measures do not go as far as originally planned with slim cigarettes not due to be banned.

They rejected a European Commission proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products, which would have restricted sales.

Cigarette packets

The UK has already said e-cigarettes would be licensed as medicine from 2016.

The vote was part of the European Parliament's first look at a draft of a new tobacco directive, which could become law in 2014.

The proposals also include a ban on words like "light", "mild" and "low tar", which are thought to be misleading,

Among other measures, MEPs voted to put health warnings on 65% of each cigarette pack.

Newsbeat listeners have been talking about what they think about the changes on Facebook and Twitter.

James Perryman

"I don't smoke, but feel that the EU does not have the competence to restrict further the usage and advertisement of smoking. Is there any logical reason to ban flavoured tobacco or legislate on the size of packs? There are already large advertisements steering people away from buying."

Emma Carr

"Let smokers smoke as much as they want, just make them pay their NHS bill!!"

Ross Evans on Facebook

"The only thing I disagree on are cigarette breaks, in some places a 10 minute one every hour, I feel I should be able to leave an hour early every day in that case."

Sue Pemberton

"Far too far. Why ban menthol fags? Lunacy. You can't smoke in enclosed public places and if people want to smoke let them."

Jay ‏on Twitter

"It's shocking. I'm disgusted. What happened to free choice?"

Louise Ryan on Twitter

"Tobacco is a massive killer and more should be done to cut tobacco use and to stop wasting NHS money treating smokers."

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