Rihanna wins permanent ban on Topshop selling T-shirt



Rihanna has won a High Court case against Topshop, getting it permanently banned from selling an unauthorised T-shirt with her picture on.

The T-shirt featured a snap taken by a freelance photographer without her permission.

The photo was taken on the set of her We Found Love music video in 2011.

In the latest ruling on Wednesday (25 September), her lawyers were granted an injunction preventing Topshop from using her image in the future.

Mr Justice Bliss said it was "right and fair" to grant the singer a permanent injunction after being told the Topshop chain had failed to promise not to use her picture on T-shirts in future.

The Arcadia Group, which owns Topshop, was also ordered to pay Rihanna's estimated £919,000 legal fees.


Although the judge did say he found the star's fees "startling" and "somewhat surprising".

Rihanna also asked that any unsold T-shirts were given to her, but the court was told how all of the 12,000 items had been sold and only five were kept for the legal action.

In July, Rihanna won her battle against Topshop after a ruling that the fashion firm had passed off the garments as endorsed by the singer.

The judge ruled the sale of the unauthorised merchandise would be damaging to the singer's "goodwill" because of her current contract with store River Island.

Rihanna, who lives in the US, was not present in court on Wednesday and used her full name Robyn Rihanna Fenty for proceedings.

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