Amanda Bynes case moved to mental health court in US


Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has had her drink driving case moved to a mental health court.

Her lawyer, Richard Hutton, said the 27-year-old actress was not able to stand trial in the case due to doubts about her mental competence.

She has been in psychiatric care after claims she started a small fire in front of an LA home in July.

A judge referred the case to the court's mental health division where it will be decided if Ms Bynes is fit for trial, the court said.

The case comes from a charge of driving under the influence in April 2012.

Police accused the actress of hitting a sheriff's car and refusing to take a sobriety test.

She pleaded not guilty last year to the driving under the influence charge. Her next court date is scheduled for 7 January.

Amanda Bynes

Last month her mother, Lynn Bynes, was granted temporary legal control of her legal and financial affairs.

The actress is known for her film roles in Easy A and She's the Man, as well as her roles on Nickelodeon television shows as a child star.

Her account on Twitter has more than 3 million followers.

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