Chris Brown pleads not guilty to hit and run accident


Chris Brown

Chris Brown has plead not guilty to a hit-and-run charge that has led to his parole being revoked.

Charges of driving without a license and driving without proof of insurance were dropped on Tuesday, says a spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney's office.

This was after his lawyer showed proof Brown was licensed in Virginia.

He was charged on 12 May in which he is suspected of crashing into the back of a car stopped at a red light.

The musician was also accused of refusing to give the other driver his license or insurance information.

Brown has been on probation since assaulting his former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Last week a judge ordered a hearing after revoking his probation, although he has not been ordered to go to jail yet.

His trial in the hit-and-run case will start on 15 August.

If he is found guilty of breaking the law he may have to spend time in prison for disobeying the terms of his assault probation.

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