Tesco overtakes HMV in UK entertainment retail chart


Tesco Entertainment Chart

Tesco has overtaken HMV to become the UK's second largest entertainment retailer.

Figures from consumer group Kantar Worldpanel show the retailer's share of the UK entertainment market has risen to 13.2%.

Data also shows HMV has slipped to Britain's fifth largest seller in the entertainment market.

Online retailer Amazon still holds the top spot in the chart.

"Tesco has been boosted by its on-going success selling big video releases," said Kantar Worldpanel consumer insight director Fiona Keenan.

Sales of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey helped Tesco's figures. The film has been the second biggest selling film in the last three months.

Image caption HMV store closures damaged sales

Keenan added: "HMV's recent store closures have hit the high street retailer hard, with its number of shoppers almost halving in the latest 12 weeks compared with the same quarter last year and its market share dropping by 8.4 points."

Amazon gained most from HMV's decline, making an additional £4.5m from former HMV customers.

Across the market, digital music sales have grown by 12.5% and have helped to boost iTunes Music to number three in the entertainment retailers' chart.

"The growth of digital, boosted largely by invigorated digital album sales, has helped the total music market to grow slightly over the past year, despite continued declines in physical music," said Fiona Keenan.

Video game sales have fallen by 27% and DVD sales are also down compared to this time in 2012.

The UK's top five entertainment retailers are as follows:

1. Amazon

2. Tesco

3. iTunes Music

4. Asda

5. HMV

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