Your view: Egypt travel warnings as army ousts president


Egypt Protests

The Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, has been taken into custody by the country's military following days of protests.

A top judge has now been put in charge as temporary leader and says fresh elections will be held as soon as possible.

Overnight 17 people were killed in clashes between the police and President's Morsi's supporters.

The UK's foreign minister William Hague says he's been speaking to his counterpart in Egypt.

The Foreign Office says tourists should avoid the main cities but resorts like Sharm el-Sheikh are still safe.

Newsbeat has been speaking to listeners about how the warnings have affected their holidays.

Carl from Oxford

Carl and his girlfriend Rachel

Carl is supposed to be leaving for Nabq Bay near Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday.

Although their resort is in an area considered safe by the Foreign Office, Carl says: "We both really don't feel safe going to Egypt.

"Considering the rest of the country is unsafe I don't really understand how they can say that one small strip is safe.

"We were really looking forward to it but now - not so much. We've tried to cancel but our tour operator said we can't unless we want to lose 100% of our booking costs.

"We're paying more than £1,200. We won't be able to leave the hotel so we are not getting the holiday we have paid for. I think it is crazy."

'Not cancelling'

Tash Scott

Tash Scott is going on a diving holiday in the Red Sea with her husband on Friday. She texted us to say: "We're not planning on cancelling our holiday at all.

"As we're on a boat in the middle of the Red Sea we're hoping to stay away from any of the troubles over there."

On Twitter Daniel Kennedy ‏said: "I've just arrived back this morning. Late last night, the whole airport stood still watching the speech.

"We were quite far away from Cairo. The only slight disruption was in the airport, from the locals watching the news."

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