Your view: Soldiers talk about Woolwich attack


flowers in Woolwich

Soldiers are being told to be vigilant around army bases after Wednesday's attack in Woolwich.

It is after a young soldier, who hasn't been named, was hit by a car before being killed in the street in south-east London.

Two suspects were then shot by police following the attacks.

Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain will "never give in to terror or terrorism" and described the attack as "sickening".

Two men, believed to be Islamist extremists, have been arrested and are in hospital.

The attack has been condemned by Islamic leaders in the UK.

Newsbeat spoke to members of the Armed Forces about how they felt after the attack and their future public presence.


Jamie, who didn't want to use his real name, serves as an infantry corporal and has completed two tours in Afghanistan.

"Every serviceman/woman should have the right to wear uniform, or a symbol of what it stands for without fear when walking through the streets of their own country.

"I am not deterred by the attack in Woolwich and I will still wear my uniform in public.

"It is a symbol that we won't be beaten or intimidated by terror and it is something that the British public need to see."


Mark is also an infantry soldier and spent six months in Afghanistan driving armoured vehicles on patrol. He didn't want to be named either.

"Hearing the news of the death of a soldier in our great country, I had mixed emotions, anger, sadness and disbelief.

"Anger at the extremist who cowardly attacked a soldier where he is meant to be home and safe.

"Sadness towards the friends and family of the soldier and disbelief of the government for letting a chain of events come to a head like this.

"Our soldiers are paying the price, not only in Afghanistan but here too. Truly a sad day for the British public."

Aaron Bowes

Aaron used to serve in the RAF but now sings for a band in Nottinghamshire.

"I saw a post that I'm disgusted with, using this [attack] as an excuse to verbally batter Islam.

"No matter what background or belief it simply boils down to good and evil."

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