Doctor's advice on new cot death bed-sharing report


There is a new warning that sleeping in bed with your baby greatly increases the risk of cot death.

Researchers studied 1,500 cases and say there is a clear link even when parents avoid drinking, smoking or taking drugs.

The government is now reviewing its official advice.

At the moment it says parents should decide where their baby sleeps, but the safest option is in a crib or cot in the same room.

Newsbeat spoke to Dr Ranj Singh, who had a look at some of the comments and questions on the Newsbeat Facebook page.

Annalise Madigan


"He (son Angus) slept in his cot most of the time, but on some days he wasn't going to settle so he came in with us.

"My mum did it with me and my three siblings and we've all been fine."

Dr Ranj says: "It's down to the government and health professionals to advise you what is best and safest for your babies.

"There are going to be people out there that co-sleep and are absolutely fine, but we know that it's risky.

"It's OK to have a kid in bed with you as long as you put them back in their cot later."

Marion Frances Eastland

"The danger of rolling on your kids is very low UNLESS you are overweight or drunk!"

Dr Ranj says: "It's dangerous to roll over onto your kids, full stop, and where do you draw the line with something like that?

"There is a risk that if you go to sleep and your baby is in the same bed, you may roll over and it's likely to cause them harm."

Kevin Crowe

"There are many things out there that allow you to safely sleep with your child between you.

"There are half-cots that attach to your bed so you have access to your child.

"There are small soft child beds with slight walls that fit in the middle of the bed."

Dr Ranj says: "It's not something we see frequently.

"The trouble is that no-one's studied them to say whether they are safe or not.

"At the moment I would just stick to what the government have said, which is to put your baby in a cot in the same room as you."

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