Daft Punk say they have no plans to tour new album


Daft Punk

Daft Punk say they have no plans to tour around the world despite completing their fourth album Random Access Memories.

The French dance duo say they want the record, which is released on 20 May, to be an experience by itself.

"We're not interested in touring right now for a few reasons," the duo told Radio 1's Zane Lowe.

"We have just spent five years working on this record trying to bring life back to the art of recording."

Daft Punk are credited with pioneering how electronic dance music (EDM) was presented live when they introduced 'the pyramid' in 2006.

It was a hugely ambitious show that introduced a stunning visual aspect to EDM on stage.

"The show we presented seven years ago, we felt it was something special, something new," they explained.

"We were very happy to be the first ones to do it."

He's a natural born performer, he's elegant, he's handsome
Daft Punk on Pharrell Williams

They say now other EDM artists have caught up and are presenting similarly ambitious shows and it is no longer a one of a kind experience.

"This is our experiment," they said of their upcoming fourth album.

"We are opening up our lab to the world and we just don't want to go on tour right now as that would put an early stop to the experiment that is still ongoing."

'Pretty surreal'

The duo say they never expected their track Get Lucky to be received as well as it has been.

The single has been number one for three weeks selling more than 492,000 copies and broke streaming records on Spotify.

"It's pretty surreal you know, we recorded this record over the last five years and we are pretty disconnected from the rest of the world," they told Zane Lowe.

"We've kind of created this timeless bubble where we invited all these collaborators and artists to work with us.

"We our pleasantly surprised with how people seem to embrace the music, it's very pleasing and totally unexpected for us as we have not been in the spotlight for a number of years."

The dance duo said having Pharrell Williams on the track was an obvious choice.

"He is a natural born performer, he's elegant, he's handsome, he's super talented," they said.

"Somehow it is just an instinctive idea that we thought that he had that unexploited potential, thinking wow he is capable of so much."

Random Access Memories is released on 20 May

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