Your thoughts on Stirling Moss comments on women in F1


Susie Wolff, Sir Stirling Moss
Image caption Susie Wolff, Sir Stirling Moss

You've been telling us what you think about the former British racing driver Sir Stirling Moss's comments on women racers.

The 83-year-old said he believed female drivers didn't have the mental skills to race competitively.

The Formula 1 hopeful Susie Wolff, who is a development driver for Williams, said the comments made her cringe.

On Newsbeat's facebook page you've told us what you make of Sir Stirling's remarks.

Joshua May says he thinks he has a point. He wrote: "If women were good F1 drivers, it wouldn't take until 2013 for one to be established into a team."

Joshua went on to write: "There are many 3rd drivers who have been female that have failed, but I don't think in Motor Racing there is as much sexism toward women."

But Megan Stamper disagrees. She posted: "As a female mathematician I'd say we have the 'mental ability' to do anything we put our minds to. He appears to be the one lacking in that department if he can spout such rubbish."

Niall Robertson said: "I had a lot of admiration for him, and with a single statement he's lost it all."

But Dan Boot thinks "each to their own opinion, at the end of the day it's up to the F1 teams who they employ to race for them".

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